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Mr. Paolo Sersante, owner of this business, has continued in the family legacy using the techniques brought on from father to son..

When you enter our workshop you can watch all the different work stages which each object undergoes before being sold.

Our manufacture is paintstaking and detailed to put forth high quality items, all handmade.

The majority of the objects are made by the use of a lathe by the maestro Giovanni Sersante, the many times world champion in Faenza of the use of the lathe; father of today's owner of "La Mia Bottega".

The clay bought in blocks is cut up and weighed according to the amounts needed for the object which will be created.

The objects are then left to dry in a special desiccation room.

The items, just before being put in the oven are hand-finished, and wherever needed, holes are bored and handles are added.

The firing takes place in electric or gas ovens, at 1000°C. The time needed between putting in the oven and taking the objects out, is around 20 hours.

The objects before being enamelled are cleaned and carefully defect-controlled.

The enamelling process is when the object is submerged in the enamel and takes a white coating.

The objects after being enamelled are placed on shelves and after a few days they are ready to be decorated.

The decoration stage is rigorously free-handed, for this very reason every item is unique.

After the decoration stage, the objects are re-placed in the oven and undergo another firing which reaches about 960°C. The taking out of the oven stage takes about 15 hours.

The objects are then accurately controlled one by one; those not suitable are re-refined and re-placed in the oven.

At the end of our production process, only the best items are destined for the market.

Our production is then selected for: re-sales, wholesalers and those sent to our sale points.